Source: NBC Right Now

RICHLAND, Wash.- Benton County, the City of Richland and multiple local organizations are teaming up to provide life-saving devices at Badger Mountain Trailhead Park.

On February 21, Automated External Defibrillator (AED) SaveStations will be installed to help in cases of cardiac arrest. The devices will be available 24/7 and visible throughout the night and temperature control will ensure functionality in all seasons.

The SaveStations include instructions for anyone who has to use the equipment, but will also sound an alarm and notify emergency personnel to aid in the rescue.

Badger Mountain will have two stations including one near the trailhead’s restrooms and one at the summit of the mountain along the fence to the communications tower. This brings the area’s SaveStations total to four with one at Howard Amon Park and Columbia Point Marina Park.

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