Source: Paso Robles Daily News

Publicly accessible ‘SaveStation’ is first unit of its kind in city

Paso Robles Fire and Emergency Services on Tuesday announced the installation of a new safety feature for the community, a publicly accessible Automated External Defibrillator (AED), the first unit of its kind in the city.

The AED is housed in a specially designed, climate-controlled cabinet known as a “SaveStation.” It can tolerate extreme weather and is available to anyone in the Paso Robles Downtown City Park and surrounding businesses.

“If somebody is unfortunate enough to have a sudden cardiac arrest, what they absolutely need to survive is immediate CPR and an AED,” says Fire Captain/Paramedic John Prickett. “Sudden cardiac arrest can be fatal if not treated quickly, but with rapid intervention, survival is possible. CPR and the use of a defibrillator may improve the probability of survival until emergency services arrive.”

The AED is safe to use, does not require specialized training, and provides instructions in both English and Spanish.

The station was provided through charitable contributions by Justin Community Grants and the Paso Robles Elks Club. Paso Robles Fire and Emergency Services will hold a presentation ceremony for the station in the coming weeks to recognize the charitable contributions of the donors who made this lifesaving tool possible.

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