Join our Global Distributor Network

It’s time for us to work together.

It is with great pleasure that I welcome you to take part in this exciting movement and unite with our rapidly growing team of SaveStation Distributors. By working together to create a unified visual standard for all AEDs, we will collectively move the dial and save more lives from cardiac arrest.

SaveStation offers an integrated approach to ensuring greater AED access, awareness and education to the public; it is more than a cabinet, it’s a standard. From visual unity to widespread education, SaveStation enables a sense of continuity and familiarity among the public while representing a gold-standard for AED deployment in our networks.

SaveStation Distributors have full access to a suite of premium marketing materials designed to help promote and sell more AEDs for public access – indoors and out. Please review the SaveStation video and corresponding slide deck to better understand the ways in which this movement has the power to change the global landscape of AEDs.

Working together is the only way to truly mitigate the devastating impact of Sudden Cardiac Arrest – let’s leverage the tremendous power of unity and make a real difference.

Deb Hennig
Co-Founder, SaveStation