Source: (Huntsville Forester)

Huntsville High School received a portable automated external defibrillator (AED) SaveStation on Sept. 30, courtesy of funds raised by a local performance medicine clinic.

The SportLab, located in Huntsville, raised more than $900 through its annual Cold Hands, Warm Heart 5K Fun Run held on Feb. 13. In a press release on Oct. 19, the clinic’s Dr. Lowell Greib said he and his team wanted to support athletic programs.

Money raised for the high school, he said, would provide students with “an extra layer of protection. The team at The SportLab is always excited to offer events to the active community in Huntsville,” said Greib. “Not only were we able to see some familiar and new faces, (but) the participants and supporters of Cold Hands, Warm Heart were successful in bringing a potentially life-saving device to our community.”

For Ross Clarke, the high school’s athletic director, funding for the AED was something he was grateful for. He said the school’s athletic department is super excited about the partnership and support from The SportLab.

“Having an AED in the immediate hands of our travelling sports teams at venues all over the province is an amazing addition to the first aid we can provide (for) staff and students,” said Clarke.