Source: The Star Democrat

DENTON — Caroline County is spreading love this Valentine’s Day with a special initiative for American Heart Month.

Local officials are introducing SaveStations with heart-saving machines called AEDs (Automated External Defibrillators) in busy public spots. These stations are there for everyone and can be critical during heart emergencies.

Caroline County Recreation and Parks and the Caroline County Department of Emergency Services joined forces to enhance safety measures within the community by introducing SaveStations at parks throughout the County. This collaborative effort aims to prioritize the well-being of citizens who frequent these public spaces.

“Putting these devices in public parks, emphasizes our goal in public safety,” said Travis Breeding, president of Caroline County Commissioners. “They’re not just tools, they’re symbols of our commitment to being ready for emergencies.”

SaveStations, equipped with AEDs and emergency communication tools, provide immediate assistance in the event of injuries or emergencies.

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