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In recent years, AEDs have been installed in several busy public spaces around Carmel, and more are on the way.

The SaveStations, which contain an automated external defibrillator and bleeding control kit, can be found along the Monon Greenway and in several parks.

Using an AED may sound intimidating to those without medical training, but they are designed to walk users through every step of the process. Once the AED is opened, it provides audible instructions that could help save a life, according to Andrew Young, Carmel Fire Department EMS division chief.

“From a basic standpoint, if you see somebody collapse, you get the AED out of the cabinet and the AED does all the work for you,” Young said. “All you need to really know how to do is open it up.”

The following explains what to expect when using a SaveStation AED in Carmel. If multiple people are nearby, some steps – such as fetching the AED, calling 911 and beginning chest compressions – can begin concurrently…

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