Steven Barendregt, 57, felt a shooting pain in his arm that circled around his jaw and then down into his chest. Nauseous and sweating profusely, he chewed an Aspirin while his wife Sandra ran next door for assistance from her friend who is a nurse. “I was just in a lot of pain,” said Barendregt. “It seemed like it went on for a lifetime. I was terrified and pretty certain I was going to die.”

Living in Horseshoe Valley at the time, Barendregt estimates it took paramedics between 11 and 15 minutes to respond to their call for help. Once he was in the ambulance, he suffered complete cardiac arrest and was brought back to life with an automated external defibrillator or AED. Six years later, Barendregt said he bought his own defibrillator and moved to Midhurst to be closer to an ambulance station, which is two minutes from his home… View the full article here